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Red Dawn
Red Dawn
Location: Most likely East Germany
Terrain: Airport
Red Dawn map

International airport and the first strike of the Red forces to secure a foorhold on German soil.
In-game description

Red Dawn is the first arena available. It is often used by players in Attack & Defend and Team Death Match, because of its lack of vehicles.

Red Dawn is a regional styled airport in east Germany. Players can go inside and outside the terminals and planes, making this map rather detailed. Most of the action happens near the terminal building and on the roof of the building. Beware of snipers on the roof that have a possibility of taking you out and campers that block the entrances to the stairways. This map is medium for on-foot fighting and combines sniper and assault elements.

Tactics Edit

  • Camp on the roof where there is a stairway, you can get good kills due to the position.
  • When you spawn near an airplane, it is best recommended to go through the fuselage, into the gate bridge, and into the terminal. That way, you can avoid snipers on the rooftop and the risk of being killed on the stairway.
  • Inside the terminal, hide behind one of the chairs at the enemy spawnpoint and shoot after five seconds to eliminate the spawnkill notice.
  • Know what you are doing. If you want to go inside the terminal, carry an automatic weapon that is accurate or has plenty of rounds. If you are outside, carry a sniper or an automatic weapon.

Red Crucible: Firestorm Edit

International airport and the first strike of the Red forces to secure a foothold on German soil.
Test server description

Red Dawn gets a massive overhaul in RCF. There is a chance that there will be LUVs available.

Known glitches Edit

Out of map Edit

There is a way to cross the borders of the map. Go to the blue side and go up to the airplane running. When you reach the edge, jump to the boxes. It might take a couple of minutes to go in the glitch. But sometimes the outside airplanes can kill you and the dark green grass is a cliff that can kill you. You can still get shot and die outside the map.

Out of map in golf-buggy

If you drive to the edge of the map and drive side to side to the invisible wall, let you pushed back all the time by the invisible wall, it could happen that you fall down from the map in the buggy, but if you get out you die and can normally respawn again.


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