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InfantryInfantry VehiclesVehicles AirAir
Location: Unkown Island
Size: Big
Terrain: Amphibious
Weather: none
Time: Moring
Release date: With Game

Grimrog is an arena that plays in a bay. The map is by far one of the largest maps in the game and includes ships, VTOLs, and helicopters. This map takes place in a bay with dim sunlight (early morning or dusk) and has dark and murky waters. The blue team spawns on one of four ships in the blue team fleet and the red team spawns on one of two airfields at bay. For the blue team, you will usually spawn on one of the smaller ships with one helicopter or one or two Harriers but sometimes you can spawn on the vast amphibious ship (most likely the USS Essex). The map requires level 13 to unlock or you can join in with a friend.

Infantry Only Edit

In Infantry only, players play in a village by the sea. It is a great place for snipers, as there is a hill with large rocks.

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Red Team Blue Team

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  • On the deck of the biggest ship in the bay is a Soviet sattelite, captured in a fishing net.

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