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Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Size: Medium
Terrain: Urban
Weather: None
Time: Day
Release date: With Game

Downtown financial district and a key strategic point for the Blue forces. A win for the Red Forces cuts Germany in half
In-game description

Frankfurt is the earliest map released on Red Crucible. It is based on the German city of Frankfurt, the largest city in the German state of Hessen.

Red Crucible Firestorm Edit

In Red Crucible : Firestorm, a massive change has been applied to the arena. Vehicles are no longer playable in the arena, as it has been changed to a infantry arena. It features a more unique layed out complex of the urban, featuring a new construction site and world famous attraction. Frankfurt is the one of the few maps completely changed from its previous versions of the arena. It is, unlike RC2 and RC1 more vibrant in color, more realistically designed to resemble the real Frankfurt. There are also several easter eggs, usually mentioning certain devs at Rocketeer Games. However it isn't very popular as it was in RC2/RC1.

Red Crucible (2) Edit

The map is rather gray and lacks enthusiasm in it. Most of the buildings are the same and appears to look as if they are large blue or other colored blocks. The map has many intersections and small alleyways, making it a good sniper map. The map includes several vehicles in which you can fight in, and broken down cars and buses to use as cover. Each team spawns at opposite ends of the city.

The center of the city in where there is a public square is where most of the action happens. Beware of tanks on top of the square and rocket launcher equipped players lurking at the edge of the square. It is best to take cover at the many static vehicles supplied at the square.

Tips & Tactics Edit

  • Try to get to the MBT at the start of the game, as it dominates the other vehicles.
  • Stay at the corners around the city square, as the center has much action and the corner allows you to stay at a safe range away from the action.
  • Hide out in the alleyways to surprise players and vehicles.
  • If you have a tank, avoid going on the city square, but go around the city square.

Vehicles Edit

Red Team Blue Team

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Trivia Edit

  • Frankfurt was used to test the first multiplayer matches of Red Crucible.

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