Teams Vehicles Respawns

Red Crucible 2 Edit

Demolition(s) is a game mode in red crucible 2 which is some of the hardest game modes in the game because it has infinite re-spawns. Demolitions is a tactical game mode because you need tactics in order to arm the bomb since the enemies has infinite re-spawns.

Defending Team Edit

Your mission is to provide security to the bomb truck, you must defend the truck at any cost because one the truck is armed by the opposing team your team looses. Supposing you'll need also to defend some stations to avoid getting killed by the enemy. Once the bomb is detonated you must disarm the bomb,after disarming the bomb your team will win.

Attacking Team Edit

Your mission is to detonate the bomb truck which is located at the opposing team's base.You must detonate the bomb before the time ends or your team looses. You'll need supports in order to detonate the bomb because the defending team can easily re-spawn due to infinite spawn. Once you have detonated the bomb you will be given about 40 seconds to detonate it. Once the time goes red it means it has been detonated already and given the defending team some time to disarm the detonated bomb in the truck.

Tactics,Tips and Tricks Edit

Here are some of most useful tactics,tips and trick to win the game and to detonate the bomb..

  • If your playing in Red Dawn usually hide in the airplane and beside the truck
  • Plant a proximity mine near the bomb