A7 Autobahn
A7 Autobahn
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Location: Fulda Gap, Germany
Size: Medium
Terrain: Typical German Speedway betwixt 2 villages
Weather: none
Time: day (in long play midnight)
Release date: With Game
A7 Autobahn

The Fulda Gap is a major invasion route into Germany. Red forces acquire A7 in order to advance into Frankfurt.
In-game description

A7 Autobahn is an arena named after the German highway between the two villages in the map. The blue team spawns in one village while the red team spawns in the other.

Vehicles Edit

Red Team Blue Team

This map has a very low ceiling, which makes helicopters very difficult to fly at high altitudes. When using helicopters, try to stay in front of the white clouds as this will make you more difficult to track with guided missiles.  Because of the vantage points on and around the central bridge, this is a popular sniper map.

Tips & Tactics Edit

  • While there is some urban terrain, the overall color scheme of this map blends in best with woodland camouflage patterns. Good cover can be found behind cars at the ends of the bridge, along the sides of the bridge against the wall, inside the various clusters of foliage scattered around the map, in the street of either town behind one of many short walls (these points are vulnerable to sniper fire, but will provide some cover against machine guns), or in the doorway of the red barn on the red team's side of the bridge. The truck and red car on the blue side (pictured above) and the truck on the red side are also commonly used as cover, as a player can crawl under the truck to hide, and can pop out on either side to cover a large portion of the map from a central and frequently traveled area.
  • It is better in this map to stay on foot with a rocket launcher or sniper rifle, or to get in a tank. Helicopters are very disadvantaged in this map compared to other maps. Since this is a relatively small map, it will likely be necessary to switch frequently between a rocket launcher (for tanks) and a sniper rifle (for counter-sniping or covering areas) using the menu button.

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