73 Easting
73 Easting
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Location: Southeastern Iraq
Size: Very large
73 Easting map

Major air and land battle between Blue and Red forces that will determine who controls the Middle East.
In-game description

73 Easting is a large arena with aircraft and land based vehicles. Due to large open areas, it is easier to travel by planes or helicopters. There is an oil refinery in the middle of the map.

This map is probably some of the hardest for players who just unlocked it. The main problem many beginners find is that the planes are not so easy to control, so sometimes you get much more deaths than kills. With that being said, after you unlock this map, play with it for a while so you can get used to the vehicle's control. Another method is to go to base camp and experiment with the A-10s there.

This map requires the most time spent playing to ensure that you are comfortable and have a fair skill level of playing in the map.

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The map is based on the Battle of 73 Easting, during the Persian Gulf War.

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